Ꙭ about Ask Nature Japan

It is a biomimetics association established in 2011 in Shiga Prefecture with the collaboration of industry, government, academia, local people and global network. By using biomimetic technologies, we aim to help build a sustainable society based on the wisdom of nature and the effective application of biological properties.

This is one of regional alliance networks of “Biomimicry 3.8” in the United States, and Ms. Janine Benyus, a co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8, is an adviser of Ask Nature Japan.

Our activities are divided into four categories: networking, manufacturing, education and outreach, and community development.


To create a network on biomimetics, we have held several forums with the collaboration of industry and academia. For example, having a forum on Biomimetics to local industry, and they discussed opportunities for innovating with biomimetics in Shiga. Also, there is a working group on biomimetics in Shiga Committee for Economic Development (SCED). They have studied case examples on biomimetics and discussed biomimetics approach for industrialization, education and community development.


We have coordinated some projects for producing biomimetics products with the collaboration among government, academia and industry. For example, there is a solar power generation device inspired by the Fibonacci sequence in impatiens. We aim to maximize electric-generating capacity per unit area, using its Fibonacci sequence.

Education and Outreach

We spread the idea of “learning from nature” through workshops and forums for the general public. In addition, we introduce many biomimetics essays on our website, which are written by scientists, architects, and philosophers. Moreover, our latest focus on education is for younger generations. We organize workshops for elementary school students, integrating the four steps: experience, making, learning and sharing.

Community Development

We just started discussions on the application of biomimetics on community development in Shiga . We try to make a plan to establish a Biomimetics Research Cluster, which is the hub of networks among government, academia, industry, local people and overseas. It also conducts research and development for biomimetic products and education especially for younger generations.

Our activities are mainly based in Shiga, but also we aim to spread this practice to other areas in Japan and overseas.